Ripple studies

The social structure of the world can be understood through four core ideological motivations: Humanism, Communtarianism, Rationalism and Pragmatism, and the people within the social world can be understood through their four methods of operation, as Directors, as Negotiators, as Explorers and as Builders.

Every type shares their distinct own way of relating to the world ideologically, and all in all, there are sixteen personality types, ranging from humanistic directors to conservative negotiators, affecting our love life, our work situation, our relation to our emotions, and to political issues.

The possibilities of this tool are many: Analysing group-values, personal problems, in coaching, and benefitting psychological and sociological theory, understanding power structures, core ideological dilemmas in our society, and how to inspire and lead a group in a positive way, learning to speak to and respect a persons primary skills and assets.